Garden 2017

Gardening season is officially under way here @home.  Wheeee!

2017gardenweedsLast year we weren’t able to get a garden going and we left it fallow for the season. That was hard. It was the first time in many, many years I haven’t had a garden. The result from letting it go is that the garden plot is now very weedy and turning it over by hand is not going very well. We are planning to rent a big tiller this week and get it tilled.  Son is going to whack all the weeds before we till.

2017gardenraisedbedsIn the mean time, the four raised beds are planted and growing. Compost from last year was added as well as local compost to fill the beds.  I didn’t start any plants this year so I purchased tomatoes, cauliflower and onions.  Not heirloom this year but we’ll work on that for next year.  Radishes, broccoli and peas were started by our own saved seed.  Everything is doing well except the broccoli which I think is a bust.  The first bed has broccoli (well, supposed to have broccoli) and peas.  The one behind it has cauliflower and radishes.  The bed next to it has tomatoes and onions.

2017gardenlettuceThe raised bed near the house (dubbed the kitchen garden) has lettuce, garlic, spinach and carrots.  The early spinach planting is pretty much done and bolted and has been reseeded already.

The herb garden is sparse this year.  My lavender, yarrow and savory didn’t make it through the winter so I will need to plant new.  I’m not sure why because our winter was actually fairly mild as a whole.  Chives are going 2017gardenchivesfull blast and drawing many bees.  Hubby loves having them in salads.  We had a nice small harvest of asparagus this year and we are hoping for a bigger one next year.

Lastly, the strawberries are looking great. This bed is badly in need of a good weeding, but the strawberries don’t seem to mind. I’ll need to cover these with bird netting because the local birds (as well as our own chickens) will gobble them up once they start ripening.

2017gardenstrawberriesJust a small update for now.  I’d love to hear about your garden this year whether it is a big farm garden or a small patio container garden.  You can leave a comment or link to your own blog post.

Until next time…live simply and love abundantly!



Rainy Garden Update

weatherrainIt rained almost every day last week, and looks like it will be a rainy week coming up.  Seems like we are getting a lot of rain.  It isn’t flooding like in some areas, but the ground is saturated saturated and we’re expecting more rain.  My garden plants are asking for a dry spell.  Too much rain (or any over watering) can lead to all sorts of garden problems like rot, leaf spots, mildew and other types of disease, wash out minerals from the soil, increase pests and even stunt plant growth and reduce your harvest.  I’m seeing some leaves yellow on tomatoes and peppers, but nothing serious yet.  I like to put a good mulch around my plants…I’m wondering if I should pull some of it out until the weather is a little dryer.

But as a whole, the garden is doing fine.  And the weeds are doing great!  *sigh*  Hope your garden is growing well!


Early spinach bolting.


Lettuce is really starting to grow. Heirloom Slobolt and Red Romaine.


Onions. A few white onions going to seed. See all the tomato weeds??


Something is eating the onion tops. I think rabbits, but they have never bothered them before.


Peppers starting to bloom, but all the rain is turning the leaves yellow.


One of my volunteer tomatoes…with bean weeds.


Herb garden…needs a good clean up.


New strawberry plants are giving us a few strawberries. Should be a great harvest next year!


The new bean bed. Not sure if you can see the bird netting, but it is keeping the rabbits out.


Beans, peas and cucumbers at the very end. Bird netting on this bed also.


The only planter I have going for veggies this year. This has happy peas.