Behind In Chores…

house-cleaning-clip-art-6845After a relaxing weekend, it should have been back to work on Monday.  As usual, chores fall by the way side over the weekend and I had a lot to do.  Unfortunately, things happen.  And I didn’t happen.  I wasn’t feeling good so my grand cleaning plan for Monday fizzled.  It helped that it rained so I didn’t feel as guilty about the outside chores not getting done.  Even feeling awful I was able to get some laundry done, and homeschooling done.  Sometimes you just have to push through.

Tuesday was much the same.  I’m ok with saying I didn’t get everything done.  I took advantage of the moments when I was feeling a little better and curled up on the couch when I was feeling a little worse.  Hubby and son do always take good care of me when I’m not feeling well.

So, how are things for you when you are down sick?  Does everything grind to a halt, or do you just keep going?  Or something in between?

I’m feeling much better today, but chores are going slowly.  It’s amazing how much doesn’t get done while you are down.  I’m going to head outside here in a few to get some garden chores done (like the mulching I need to finish around the tomatoes and potatoes).  Today is usually my bedroom cleaning day…but I missed the kitchen and living room days so I’ll be quite busy catching up.

Hubby said he wants to grill tonight, so I need to plan something other than the spaghetti that is on the menu.  I usually have a couple back up meals on my menu for days when I’m not feeling well or hubby wants something different, but I didn’t really do that this time.  I think maybe I’ll cut up a chicken to grill.  It’s possible that we could have rain by then, so I may have to cook it indoors…unless hubby insists on grilling despite the rain…which he’s done.   Do you make weekly/monthly menus?  How do you handle spur of the moment changes?

That’s it for now.  I’m off to get back to work.  Have a blessed day!

Colossians 3:23-24 – And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men; knowing that of the Lord ye shall receive the reward of the inheritance: for ye serve the Lord Christ.


It’s Officially Cold…and…

…I officially have a cold.  I’ve been down for a few days, I felt awful but I’m starting to feel better.  One of the worst parts for me about getting sick is that the chores tend to get backed up.  Laundry, dishes, all sorts of things that I’m behind on.  So today is a catch up day for me now that I am feeling somewhat better.

winter2The weather hasn’t been bad, but for me it is an adjustment to get used to the colder weather.  The heater is now going all the time and to keep the bills from going off the charts I keep the thermostat set at 66°F or about 19ºC (much lower at night).  It isn’t cold, but it isn’t warm either.  Yes, I’m a whimp.  It takes a little time to get back into the routine of socks, slippers and layers of clothes.  I have a feeling that our winter here in Indiana is going to be very similar to the cold, snowy winter we had last year.

Today’s agenda is mainly catching up on all the chores that have back up for the last several days.  Pretty bad when it seems every dish is dirty.  If I can manage to make progress, I may even try to make some homemade yogurt.  I love yogurt so having to be dairy free is a bummer.  But hubby and son love yogurt so I still make it for them.  Once in a while I’ll splurge and get a container of non-dairy yogurt.  But is really isn’t the same.  *sigh*  I also still have quite a few apples left.  I’m hoping to make a pie, and then maybe make more applesauce with the rest.  I used the Sauce Master to make the applesauce this year and my son gave the applesauce a big thumbs down.  He says the consistency is way too smooth and he won’t eat it.  This coming from the least picky eating child ever.  So I may make a small batch of chunky applesauce just for him.  Not sure if I will try it again next year with a larger screen or not.  We’ll see.  My last big projects that have yet to be done are getting our air conditioners out and cleaning out the garage so hubby can start parking the car in there.  I had hoped to get them done over the weekend, but with me not feeling well and hubby up to his ears in home projects (like the gutter in the front of the house that fell after a really hard rain) they weren’t a priority.  The garage has been his work space so I’ll have to wait until his other projects are done before we can reclaim the garage for the car.

Dinner tonight is going to be chicken, rice and broccoli.  My menu got a little rearranged since we opted for easy, non-menu meals while I was sick.  So the nice Sunday chicken dinner from yesterday is replacing the chicken leftovers that were scheduled for tonight.  If you plan a menu of meals for your family, how do you handle unexpected circumstances that upend your plans?  Do you have spare or alternate meals planned just in case?  Do you just rearrange your menu as you go?  I’d love to hear how you do it.

Time to reboot the dryer with load number three.  Hope your day is blessed.  Grace and peace….