My Happy Thanksgiving 2015 Video

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!! Here’s a short little video with the help of my son. I hope your day was full and blessed! Grace and peace!


A Girl and Her Phone


Hubby has been insisting that I get a cell phone.  I have been insisting that I don’t want or need one.  Hubby won and I got a cell phone.  After a couple months we decided to get rid of our land line and just use the cell phones.  What an adjustment, but I’m finally figuring it out. 

Good thing I did because our laptop recently died.  Thankfully Hubby is a professional computer geek and all the information on it was rescued.  Yay Hubby!  A laptop is in our distant future, but in the mean time I’ll be making do with my little pink monster.  Ha!  Remember, patience is a virtue and boy am I learning that!    But trying to do the things I had been doing on laptop on this little phone is near impossible.  Take this post…which has taken me quite a while to figure out and do.  My hat is off to those who are miracle workers with their phone.  I am glad that I use a paper planner and not an electronic one.

I’m off to make spaghetti for dinner and finish folding this pile of clothes before Hubby is home from work.  Keep looking up, for our redemption draws nigh.  Grace and peace.