My Cleaning Schedule

Happy Monday!  I am highly unorganized so one of the things I’ve done to try and get better organized is to get into a cleaning routine.  It is much easier for me to have a guide to keep me focused than trying to decide what needs to be done each day.  So I scheduled a different cleaning routine each day to focus on.  Mondays is my kitchen and laundry day.  Now, there are things that I do EVERY day regardless of what room it is in for example dishes.  But focusing on one room or one section of the house each day allows me to clean deeper and more efficiently.  And for someone who is scatter brained and unorganized, it really helps me.

It starts with a plan.  Take the kitchen for example.  I made a list of things that must be done each day like dishes and sweeping.  Next I listed things that I could do once a week like mopping and cleaning out the fridge.  Then I made a list of things that I’d like to do each month like washing curtains and cleaning the top of the fridge.  Lastly I made a list of things that need to be done less frequently like pulling out appliances to clean under and behind.  You can be as general or as detailed as you like.  Mine are fairly general.  What ever works for you.

Once I had all these I put together a schedule.  You don’t even have to have a full list, you could start with a few things and add as you see something that needs done.  So, every day (for example, every Monday) I’ll do this list of things.  I divide the monthly tasks up between the first Monday, second, third and fourth etc. each month.  Once in a while there will be a fifth Monday in a month and those are the days I’ll schedule the less frequent tasks.   As you go you will find things that you need to change.  It’s flexible and easy to adjust to suit your needs.

So my Monday schedule looks like this:

Make Beds
Clean toilets/wipe sinks
Sweep floors
Clean dishes
Declutter/tidy table

Mop the floor
Empty trash
Wipe down appliances
Wipe down cupboards
Wipe down trash can
Clean out fridge


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