Vlog: Rain and Coffee

I’m not great with videos, but here is a mini vlog from this morning.  Not sure if I’ll do more, but who knows!  Grace and peace!


End of Summer Update


My Uncle and Auntie

I have had a lot going on here @ home on top of battling allergies.  So I haven’t had too many opportunities to sit and blog.  Things are starting to even off so I’m sitting down to type an update and get back to regular blogging.

I put off homeschool planning and before I knew it…it was crunch time.  So I had a blitz of curriculum planning, buying, organizing and still in the midst of lesson planning.  School has started and I’m running to catch up.  Eleventh grade.  *sigh*  The finish line is in sight…I’m not sure how I feel about that.

The garden is winding down and I’m starting to pull plants out.  Tomatoes were a bust this year.  Blight, blossom end rot, and earwigs.  I tried everything I could naturally, but how do you stop rain?  I nearly bought chemicals to get rid of the earwigs because they have been so bad.  Next year I’m going to plant a couple tomato plants and call that done.  I’ll just buy bulk tomatoes here locally and can those.  And I’ll probably change my mind a few times before next year.

Minimizing isn’t easy for someone with hoarding tenancies.  I’m really determined to reduce our household belongs by half this year.  I haven’t done much this summer because other things have consumed my time.  Like the garden.  There are still a few months left this year to hit my target.  Surprisingly one of the things that has spurred me to get back was catching a few episodes of a British program I found on YouTube called “Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners”.  Wow!  I’m not even a fraction as bad as some of those homes they are cleaning, but I grew up in that same kind of environment and have always known that if I didn’t really work at it, I would easily be that way myself.  While it might actually be sheer laziness for some, for me it really is a weird fear of letting go of things that has been a constant battle.  Anyway…that show has brought me to a place where I can sever a few ties with stuff I really don’t need…even if it was my moms, or grandmas, or was a gift, or what ever.  I have another load ready to go to be donated.  And I still have quite a way to go for my goal.

One of the hardest things of the summer was saying goodbye to my aunt.  She fought a hard battle with leukemia and she is finally free of it.  It isn’t the healing we had hoped for and my uncle, her husband of 48 years, is broken.  It is these times when living away from family is horrible.  But we made it home to be with them and she had a sweet and touching funeral.  She left such a beautiful legacy of love and it has got me thinking about what kind of legacy I will leave.  It is a sobering thought.  I love you Auntie.  I’m so glad to have been part of your life.

And lastly, here at the end of summer, we find ourselves overwhelmed with things that still need to be done.  After a long stretch of unemployment, it has been hard to get back up to speed.  It is the old adage two steps forward, one step back.  We could do the standard American way and go into debt to get it all accomplished, but it would negate everything we’ve done to be free of debt.  So we’ll wait and save, and get things done when we can afford them.

That is pretty much it.  I’ve got inside chores, outside chores, and lesson planning to get done.  Better get some more coffee and get busy.  Hope you have a wonderful, blessed day.  Grace and peace….