Harvesting tomato seeds. I use the fermentation method.

Everything is producing right now so it’s a very busy time in the garden.  I’m sure lots of you gardeners are busy right now.  As I’m harvesting, I’m always looking for the best of everything to save for seeds.  A few days ago I cut up a couple very ripe Black Krim tomatoes and saved the seeds.  Those are now drying on a plate.  Pretty tomatoes, but my son doesn’t care for them.  He says they are mild and aren’t as sweet as the “normal” tomatoes.  I don’t know if I’m going to grow more or try some other varieties.


Green beans and a few mustard greens.

I’m still harvesting a lot of beans, and I store them in the fridge until I have enough for the canner.  I have enough now so I’ll be doing that this afternoon.  The Provider Bush as always are wonderful and out producing the others.  The wax beans I planted didn’t do well at all.  Not only did I not get very many, they were past their prime when they turned yellow.  Both the White Half Runners and the McCaslin Pole did all right.  I’m not sure I’ll plant either of those again, and I may look for some other varieties that might do well for me.


Straight Eight cucumbers.


Leaving the cucumber on the vine until it turns yellow, then harvesting the mature cucumber seeds.

My cucumbers did all right this year, but suffered from some sort of blight.  Possibly from all the rain we had at the beginning of the summer.  Anyway, I have two really nice cucumbers that I left on the vine to ripen for seeds.  All the rest we’ll be eating in salads and such.  We love cucumbers, but the Straight Eights just don’t make good pickles, so we do grow tired of them quickly.  Since I harvest the seeds, I only plant one variety and I haven’t found very many pickling cukes at the farmers markets this year.


Puny Purple Peppers…say that five times fast!

Our peppers are hanging in there.  The banana peppers (both hot and mild) are actually doing great, all the pablanos and chilis are doing just all right, the bell peppers have been struggling and are pretty puny this year.


A small basket of potatoes.

I finally dug up all nine of our potatoes plants.  The plants themselves were crispy so I figured I’d hurry and get them out so I can plant fall veggies in its place.  We didn’t get very many, maybe 10 pounds or so?  But they are ours and I know they were grown free of any chemicals.


A variety of tomatoes.

The tomatoes are starting to come in full force.  This is probably one of the most dismal years I’ve had for tomatoes.  The plants look awful from the blight and the bugs are just having a field day.  We don’t normally have problems with the standard garden bugs, our problem is mostly earwigs (*shudder*) and I did toss several tomatoes that were infested with those little nasties.  (*SHUDDER*)  In the end, these tomatoes will be sauce so they don’t have to be pretty.


Green beans are winding down as the fall broccoli starts.

All in all it is turning out to be a decent year despite the late start due to my lack of enthusiasm, all the rain we had and now the lack of rain.  I’m already thinking about what I want to do for next years garden, like adding a few more raised beds and maybe more berries.  I’m also going to try for all heirloom plants.  Hopefully I’ll be feeling up to it.

I’m off to get back to work.  In addition to canning those beans I want to make a few loaves of bread.  Temps next week will be back to normal and I’d rather bake when it is cooler.  And since I’ll be busy, dinner tonight will be simple…breakfast for dinner.  Probably pancakes.  Hope your day is productive and blessed!  Grace and peace!


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