Drills and Corn

2015Aug22cornaA friend of ours posted a video of herself using a drill to shell corn.  She was able to remove the corn from over 400 ears in record time.  That is so cool!!

Here is a different video I found on Youtube of a guy shelling corn using his drill (this isn’t our friend, I don’t know him).

Today we got a deal on a bunch of corn so we are going to try using the drill so we searched the internet for instruction.  What we found out is a lot of people selling what you need and a lot of people showing how to use it, but not a lot of DIY info on the bit. Hubby is working on it so as soon as he figures it out and we start shelling our corn, I’ll share it.

Hope all is well on your end! Have a great weekend!


2 thoughts on “Drills and Corn

  1. It looks to be a #14 or a #12 by 2 inch long wood screw that has had the head cut off and chucked into standard reversible drill/wallboard screwdriver.
    The sheller…even in the big city, the hardware stores have them…..

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