Father’s Day Weekend

This morning started off a bit foggy, outside AND inside. Mondays are like that. But the fog has burned off, I have had my coffee, and chores are in process.


At the range.

Had a wonderful Father’s Day weekend with hubby and son. Hubby wanted to go to the range for Father’s Day, so that is what we did. Personally, I’d rather shoot with the camera (and I did), but we all had a nice time and hubby was happy.

I also worked a bit in the garden over the weekend. The beans and peas were beginning to push against the bird netting we had put up to keep the rabbits from feasting on them. So we cut the center and folded it back into a make-shift fence. We’ll see how that works out. So far the beans and peas are looking great.


A visitor while we were at the range. Handsome fellow, huh?

I don’t know about you but we get lots of volunteers in the garden, and I really hate pulling them out. Our onions are planted where the tomatoes were last year and there are so many tomato weeds growing in the onions. The tomato weeds are growing better than the tomato plants we actually planted. Go figure. Anyway…I really don’t have the room for more tomatoes, but I just hate pulling them out. On the other hand, with all the rain we’ve been having (and the 7 day forecast is saying we’ll have 6 days with rain) I may just leave them alone. Some of my tomato plants are struggling and could get taken out with all the rain. I don’t think my onions will be effected too much by the tomato weeds.

Speaking of tomatoes, I went through our tomatoes and pinched off the bottom leaves to help prevent any blight from the wet weather. The weekend was fairly dry so the ground had a little bit of time to dry. I think the peppers are suffering the most. They aren’t growing much and actually have a bit of wilt to them. I’m wondering if getting an organic fertilizer might help.

That’s it for now, I guess. I’ve got laundry going, chore to catch up on from the weekend (mainly dishes), milk on the stove cooling for yogurt, and dinner to figure out. I’ve got ground beef thawed, but not sure what to do with it. Hope your weekend was great and hope your week is as well. Grace and peace…


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