Grandma’s Cookbook

It is a cool and calm morning here @ home. The only sounds are the wind blowing and all the birds chirping. We got rain a little bit ago and now the sun is trying to peek out. It has been a while since I’ve been able to sit outside and enjoy my morning coffee.  I’m going to take a chance, though, and get some sheets and blankets washed and hung outside.  If the weather man is right, shouldn’t have any more rain until tonight.  But you know how often they are right!  Ha!


Grandma’s cookbook.

I have the dough for Honey Wheat Bread rising.  I know it will be hot and muggy again today, so I’m trying to get it done early.  I don’t grind my own wheat (maybe one day) but the recipe works for me.  Hubby loves this bread so it is my go-to recipe.  He also likes rye bread, but I haven’t found a recipe that I can make successfully that he likes.  I’ve made a lot of “bricks”.  My favorite bread is sour dough…and I haven’t been able to make and keep a sour dough starter going so that hasn’t been successful either.   Practice makes perfect my grandmother always used to say.


The new “grandma’s cookbook”


Both the old and the “new”.


Not many cookbooks today would have recipes for Turtle A La King.

Speaking of Grandma…I have her cookbook out and I’m flipping through it looking for recipes to try.  Older cookbooks are much different than the ones we have today.  This one is from 1946…would be the year before my mom was born.  This isn’t actually Grandma’s cookbook…hers was so worn and beaten with no cover, falling apart and many pages falling out and missing.  So several years ago I found the same one on Ebay and have been using that one.  It is old and some of the pages are fragile…a couple are even loose, but it is still “grandma’s cookbook”.  The only difference really was that the “new” one has thumb tabs.  And all the pages.  And a cover.   This is the cookbook I used when I started learning how to cook and one of my treasures.  I had no idea what a slow oven or a quick oven was until I read this cookbook.  It even has recipes for things that many in today’s picky world would find…um…unappealing…like Turtle.  It has a chapter on Ration Cooking (Saving Food and Expense for Victory), one of Meal Planning, Entertaining, Setting the Table, and Canned Foods (how to buy).  It is very cool in my humble opinion!

So…do you have any treasured family cookbooks or recipes?


One thought on “Grandma’s Cookbook

  1. I enjoy my great grandmother’s cookbook. According to the family lore, it was given to one of my great-grandmothers as a wedding gift. My mom is 97 and all her grandmothers were married in the mid to late 1870s. The book was then passed to my grandmother, then to my mom and now to me.

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