Apron Love

My well used apron.

My well used apron/smock.

Imagine this scenario…a mom standing over a pile of clothes (mostly shirts) shaking her head as she goes through and pre-treats all the stains for the wash. This is me. And it’s not my husbands clothes or my sons clothes…I fully admit they are mine. I have ruined more clothes by cooking and cleaning than I care to count.  Half my shirts now have permanent stains.  My solution is aprons. Not those silly half things, they don’t serve any purpose for me except a place to dry my hands. I need those full aprons that cover my shirts.  I had some family members that snickered at me when I registered for aprons as I was putting together my bridal registry over 20 years ago. I could only find the butcher types then, but they worked…when I would wear them. Family and friends also snickered at me when I would wear my aprons so for a long time I avoided them. Now, they can snicker all they want, I wear them all the time.  Ok, I wear them when I remember to.  Hence still having shirts with stains.  I personally like the frilly, pretty old fashioned ones like my great-grandmother would wear.  But I use the plain and practical style my grandmother wore.  They are called cobbler aprons, my grandmother called them smocks.  It snaps down the front and has a nice pocket on each side.  Sometimes I’ll wear it just for the pockets!  Funny now that aprons are gaining in popularity, many friends and family members who snickered are now wearing them.  I don’t know about you, but I find that I feel more productive when I’m wearing an apron (whether or not I’m actually am).  And I’m not ruining as many shirts.  Do you wear aprons?  If so, I’d love to hear about your apron love!


2 thoughts on “Apron Love

  1. Oh yes, I have three – all of them with references to wine for some reason. I recently started wearing the all the time because of the terrible grease stains all my shirts have. I have successfully gotten all the stains out and now don’t go near the sink or stove without an apron.

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