Bone Broth Stock

stockRight now…bone broth!

When I first moved out on my own and discovered a crockpot…I really loved how easy it was to make meals.  It was so convenient and I use it all the time.  When I realized I could cook a whole chicken in the crockpot for dinner, then put the carcass back in with water and seasonings overnight to make broth for soup…it quickly became my favorite kitchen tool.  I have several now.  It is still my favorite way to make meals and soup stocks. But while I love the ease of crockpots, I love the efficiency of the pressure cooker…my current favorite kitchen tool.  In just a few hours I have a beautiful rich, yummy bone broth start to finish.  I think it make much better broth than the crockpot. There is still a lot of fear out there regarding pressure cookers.  They aren’t as unpredictable as they once were.  Modern features make they much safer and easier to use.  I have two, one stainless just for cooking and one aluminum just for canning.

If you’re like me, you probably didn’t know there is a difference between stock and broth.  If you’re not like me, you’re probably laughing.  I’m all right with that.  Anyway, I’ve been making homemade stock/broth for soups for a long time and when someone pointed out that there was a difference, I decided to find out for myself.  One place said that the difference was broth is made from meat and stock is made from bones.   Another said that stock is clear while broth is cloudy.   Still another said that stock is unseasoned and broth is seasoned.  So I just shook my head and called what I make stock or broth depending on my mood.  Recently I found a post from one of my favorite chefs…Alton Brown…on the difference between stock and broth, and I figured if anyone would know, it would be him.  He basically says that stock is made from bones and such and broth is a liquid in which meat has been cooked.  I trust him.  So technically bone broth is really bone stock.  That name change will never catch on.  I digress…

I won’t bore you with the details of how to make bone broth or stock.  A quick internet search will give you plenty of instructions and recipes but if you’d like to know how I do it, let me know!  Basically you take the best bones you can find, put them into your water filled stockpot, crockpot or pressure cooker  with a tablespoon or two of good apple cider vinegar (to draw the minerals out) and any other seasonings/aromatics that you like (if you like).   I keep a bag of left over veggies and veggie scraps in the freezer for this.  In the past I made mine in the crockpot, but now I find that it is easier and tastes even better using my pressure cooker.

There has been a bit of discussion as to whether using a pressure cooker to make healthy bone broth was good or not.  Some say it destroys vitamins, some say it doesn’t.  I read a lot of both arguments and with adding the convenience and the taste, I’m fine with using the pressure cooker.   I don’t just make it for it’s health properties, but I can it to have on hand for soups, stews and gravies.  I love knowing what is in my broth when I go to use it.

So, do you make your own bone broth or stock?



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