I’m Not Ready For Winter!!

winter3Practically we are ready, emotionally I am not.  I woke up this morning and I just can not get warm.  Not freezing outside yet, but 40F is close enough.  Very tempting to just turn up the thermostat.  Instead I grabbed my slippers and bathrobe.

With all the extra fees and service charges, gas it much more expensive than electricity.  And electricity isn’t cheap.  We do not have a wood stove (we have a manufactured home and can’t because of zoning and insurance) nor do we have a fire place.  So being the manager of my home, I need to find ways to stay warm frugally.

There are lots of tips to stay frugally warm in the winter: Turn down the thermostat, wear more layers of clothes, heat only the rooms you are using, wear warm pajamas to bed and use flannel sheets etc.  We also like to heat up homemade rice bags and stick them in the beds by our feet at night.

Another thing is to take advantage of cooking and baking.  Baking bread or making soup are great ways to add a little more heat to your home.

lampI also like to light oil lamps in the winter.  While they don’t put out a whole lot of heat, they do make me feel warm and cozy.

One of the more practical things we can do to stay frugally warm this winter is to make sure your furnace filter is changed/cleaned. If your filter is dirty, your furnace has to work harder to heat your home costing you more money. Check it at least once a month.

It’s a little thing, but all the little things together make a big difference!  What are your favorite frugal tips to stay warm in the winter?


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