Canning Apples

20141027_104820Almost two bushels of apples (Cortland and Jonamac), a few for apple pie filling and the rest will soon be apple sauce.  Some of the biggest, prettiest local apples I’ve ever seen. Yesterday I canned seven quarts of apple pie filling, and after checking them this morning, all the jars have sealed.  (Wheeee!) I just need to wash them and put them away now.  I used the recipe from Ball with a couple changes.

20141028_081817My changes were that I used brown sugar instead of regular sugar, and I don’t use Sure-Jell.  I don’t use it when making an apple pie, so I didn’t want to put it in when I canned apple pie filling.  If I could make it without sugar, I would do that too.  I’m still looking for a good recipe for that.  In the mean time, I’ll use the one I have.

Today will be spent cutting and cooking the apple sauce, and I’ll probably be canning that tomorrow.  Yes, I did not say peeling.  I do leave the skins on when I make apple sauce.  Just get the cores out.  After they are cooked and soft, you can use a blender, food processor, or strainer.  If you peel the apples you can even use a potato masher.  Makes a great chunky apple sauce.  I’ll be using my immersion blender.  And I don’t add any any sugar, I don’t think a good homemade applesauce needs it.  If you are canning apples, what are the different ways you are canning them?



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